The history of the nursing uniform in 20 photographs.

The history of the nursing uniform in 20 photographs.

In the middle of the 20th century, the Helena Fuld Health Care Foundation published a collection of photographs of nurses from different countries in uniform – only about a hundred pictures. We publish some of them and at the same time remember the history of nursing.

In Medieval Europe, the sick, the wounded and the dying were traditionally looked after by monks and nuns, but since the 11th century in a special

Sisters of the Holy Cross Community. Sevastopol, 1855

Modern Nursing

Florence Nightingale. Around 1854 Wellcome Collection / CC BY.

In the same 1854, the Englishwoman Florence Nightingale, who had a sisterly

In 1863, the Swiss Henri Dunant, based on the recommendation

With the outbreak of the First World War, the International

In the interwar period and later, in, the romantic image of a nurse arose, the ideal of serving those in need where there were not enough or even no hospitals, clinics and doctors. The sisters went to help the sick in remote rural corners of the USA and Great Britain, or, in response to the call of the Red Cross, went to Africa, Asia and South America. On numerous

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