Official service center of Samsung and Apple in Moscow – anatomy of fakes.

Official service center of Samsung and Apple in Moscow – anatomy of fakes.

During such crises as now, many people begin to repair equipment more often, do not buy new devices. This is the correct, rational approach, especially if the breakdown is simple, and the repair brings the device back to life. And it’s trite cheaper.

The right way when you repair equipment always looks the same – you go to the manufacturer’s website, find the nearest service center and call there. In Samsung, you can see such centers for any city on the map, for example, these are services for smartphones.

Moreover, Samsung has an on-site mobile service that comes to a place convenient for you and repairs equipment in a small van. For owners of flagship devices, this service is free within the Moscow Ring Road, even if you end up with a non-warranty case. We had a material that describes how the mobile service works in Moscow.

And now what do people do and what they get in the end. The phone is broken, a person immediately searches for a service on the Internet, calls or leaves a request on the site. The work is done, there is a feeling that you are well done and did everything right, quickly solved the problem.

There is no feeling that something might go wrong.

One of the many sites that appears in the search is “the official Samsung service center in Moscow”, and what is interesting is typing the word “Samsung” in Russian this way, it is more convenient. And no bells sound in my head that the names of companies are not written in Russian, this applies to any manufacturer. There are no service centers for Apple, Sony, Acer, Asus, Nokia and so on.

The corporate rules for any company are strict and unambiguous; changes in logo, company name, colors, etc. are not allowed. Anyone who has once encountered this will never forget the rigor of the application of such rules. Often, marketing materials printed in millions of copies went under the knife due to the fact that they did not fall into the color of the logo and it had the wrong shade! Although this could only be seen by someone who is immersed in the corporate world and knows exactly what the logo and its colors look like, for ordinary people there was no problem in a slightly different color.

For a person inside the system, this was the greatest sin.

Therefore, when I see the name of the company in Russian on the site, I immediately understand that I have a snag in front of me. There can be no other options here, and this applies to almost any resource, be it a service or a store selling goods.

How such decoy resources are created says a lot about their creators, how they try to disguise themselves. Let’s look at an unofficial service that went all out, and my attention was drawn to it by acquaintances who forwarded this message from a social network:

CAREFULLY! PHISHING SITE. Cleverly disguised as the official Samsung website, in fact, it has nothing to do with Samsung. On Leo Tolstoy Street, orders are accepted through the site, but they are made in small, unknown workshops.

I put my story below. Which ended with the fact that I took the phone, not repaired, with broken glass, apparently because it was barbarously opened that way. In this service, a folk path will not grow, people walk and walk, everyone swears completely. Terribly disgusting place.


discarded. Finally, we answered the phone, I asked how my order was, I was assured that they would give it back within a week. I’m waiting again. On June 8, they called that parts from Korea are delayed, now wait until June 21. As a result, I can’t get through, I wrote many times, there is no answer.

I have a complete feeling that my phone is playing and they are not going to give it at all. In the process, it turned out that there is a very decent site for the official Samsung certified service, orders are received there, and they are made in small unknown workshops. In the receipt that they left me with the phone number and address and email of this workshop. it is not possible to get through, music is playing, calls are dropped. Today, 06/17/2020, I called the official service number, they talked to me harshly, call that workshop whatever you want, that’s it, we have nothing to do with this matter anymore.


Let’s start with the simplest, this resource has nothing to do with either Samsung or other manufacturers, but simply stole the logos (this is illegal use of other people’s trademarks), invented the status of an official service center. Moreover, these guys did not hesitate to do it for both Samsung and Apple, they have a second subdomain for the equipment of this company –

Everywhere proudly flaunts the inscription that this is an official service center. What is not true and you can check it on the websites of the companies. This fact alone is the reason why such a “service” needs to be bypassed in an arc, never have anything to do with it in principle. But people in our country do not pay attention to the little things, and then they start calling the manufacturer’s hotline (and in the end they find numbers!) And demand that the device, money and something else be returned to them. The explanation that they fell for the scammers is perceived solely as a personal insult.

As such an adult, intelligent and adequate person, how could I fall for such a child’s divorce? No! It is you who are stirring up some nonsense and just do not want to fulfill your warranty obligations.

It is easier to believe that an international corporation is trying to deceive Vasya Pupkin than to imagine that Vasya simply did not do his homework and confided in someone else. It is so?

Pay attention to the name of the site – there are no company names in the domain, the reason is that corporations track the registration of such resources and make claims against their owners. It is impossible to use the brand in the name of the site without a separate permission, in some countries it is monitored very closely, for example, in the USA, somewhere corporate employees work carelessly.But the name of the site is also always a wake-up call, corporations usually do not scatter their efforts. and all activities are carried out on their own resource.

Let’s take a look at the credentials for this resource.

You can see that he is registered to a private person, and not at all to a company. This is also an additional alarm bell that should stop you. In such “services” anything can happen to you and your devices, but you will not achieve any truth.

The device can disappear, it can be broken, or it can be repaired on the knee, replacing the components with Chinese counterparts. At the same time, the cost of repair is not less than in the official service, and there is no warranty repair as a class. That is, when you come with a warranty repair, you are faced with the fact that it will always be paid, there are no other options.

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